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A Satellite Community is a new branch of the 2020 AYWW community. 2020 AYWW is working to create a social tipping point by connecting 800 million people (roughly 10% of the expected global population in 2020) into an integrated, engaged community. Satellite communities are essential in reaching our goal.

Getting Started

Stage 1: Educate yourself on:

  • Our 2020 AYWW Mission Statement, Plan of Action and FAQ’s.
  • Resources including: blogs, videos, social media, current projects, partners etc.

Stage 2: Organize your core group of 2020 AWWW supporters.

  • Assign leadership roles. These may include directors of: administration, outreach, marketing, social media, volunteer coordinator, fundraising etc.
  • Meet regularly with your core group to strategize your goals, keeping in mind our crucial balance of acting locally while impacting our global 2020 AYWW community.

Stage 3. Create your group’s campaign.

  • Gather initial support within your own social networks.
  • Invite family, friends and other members of your community to JOIN, LIKE and SHARE 2020 AYWW on all of its social media. You can also assist them in reaching out to all of their social networks.
  • Think 10%! Get at least 10% of your social networks as the minimum 2020 AYWW goal is at least 10% of the world’s population.
  • Create a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and other social media for your branch to connect with the main 2020 AYWW hub.
  • Share and translate (if necessary) content from the main 2020 AYWW website and social media to your own networks and visa versa.
  • Keep other 2020 AYWW networks updated and informed about the actions and progress within your satellite.
  • Keep other 2020 AYWW networks updated and informed on what is proving successful for you and what is proving problematic.

Stage 4. Participate and spread awareness.

  • Create community activities such as: hosting events, fundraisers, represent 2020 at different community events, table at popular community destinations and functions, talk with other clubs on campus, NGOs, non-profit organizations, churches etc. to engage these groups in support.
  • Educate your community about 2020 AYWW by sharing existing 2020 AYWW content including: blogs, editorials,videos, and create your own videos, testimonials, and articles you write for your local community via local newspapers, magazines, etc then post throughout the 2020 AYWW network.
  • Most importantly: Have interested parties sign the 2020 AYWW petition(s) which can be found online at
    Start petitions in your own country to secure your government’s support of 2020 AYWWW.
  • Find organizations such as a university, church, or social organization to make 2020 AYWW presentations. 2020 AYWW has started clubs on campuses and given presentations to classes and social organizations both on and off campus. These organizations may also provide you with donations for purchasing pamphlets, wrist bands, or whatever is appropriate for your community.
  • Other groups or organizations in your community wanting to support 2020 AYWW can do so by partnering with us and by signing a proclamation of support. See our growing list of partner organizations and proclamations at our website.
  • A great place to start is by searching through our list of partner organizations and finding one of these on your local level and connect with them.
  • Always feel free to contact us for questions and suggestions. Also remember to keep us posted on the great progress you’re making!!

We are always looking for new ideas so please share with our growing community. Let us know what is working for you and what is not working. Together WE will tip history in 2020.


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