Plan of Action

Stop war during the year 2020


Secure passage of 2020 AYWW United Nations global, one-year truce.

Securing a one-year global truce among all member nations of the United Nations for the year 2020 will set an historical precedent. This clear, precise goal of a public, formal truce signed by all 193 member nations will give the majority of humanity that is war weary a global reprieve and a year of hope. For the past two decades the United Nations General Assembly has passed a one-month global Olympic Truce every two years for the International Olympic Games. The Summer 2020 Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo. 2020 AYWW is pushing for an eleven-month extension to this anticipated Olympic Truce.

(Olympic truce website


Speak to Power.

This is OUR global VOICE urging those presently in policy positions to choose OUR policy of 2020 being a year without war by first supporting our 2020 AYWW UN Global Truce. WE must regularly, consistently write to these policy makers, (our present growing list) and build our website directory. Write to your agents of change and share your agents and their addresses with 2020 AYWW. Send to Let’s build OUR directory to make our VOICE heard globally.



Build our 2020 AYWW global Community.


Your initial goal is to recuit at least 10% of your social network which may well include: Family, friends, neighbors, school/work mates, religious community, other peace groups, City Council, County Board of Supervisors, State, celebrities, national figures etc. 

Regularly share 2020 AYWW website/social media information on your social mediaas well as your local community media. Share blogs, send questions to Just Ask Joe.

Send relevant information you find to for posting on all social media.


Create robust AYWW Satelite Communities, Hold public discussions/debates, organize clubs at schools, community organizations, church groups etc. Invite 2020 AYWW representatives to give talks, support your efforts in your commuity. Co-sponsor evens with other local peace groups.

Secure proclamations and resolutions of support from communities, states,nation, world religions, non-profit groups, corporations and other businesses, we are here for support in drafting proclamations.