Our Mission

The 2020 AYWW social experiment is using technology never before available, to build and give VOICE to our global community to just say NO TO WAR for one year, 2020. Our growing, global community is initially focused upon securing a United Nations General Assembly Resolution for a one-year global truce in 2020 amongst all U.N. member nations. For nearly 20 years, the United Nations General Assembly has signed a one-month global truce every two years for the International Olympic Games. 2020 AYWW anticipates such a one-month global truce for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. We want that one-month Olympic truce extended to cover the entire year. 2020 AYWW is not focused presently upon either civil wars or non-state player wars. 2020 AYWW is a simple program with a clear Dream, precise Deadline and a detailed Plan.


For the first time in human history, WE have the technological capability to give VOICE to a majority of PEOPLE in OUR global community disgusted and exhausted by the waste of blood and treasure that is war. 2020 AYWW is now a growing global community dedicated and engaged in voicing its desire to tip history away from war, the now archaic means of conflict resolution among nations. 2020 AYWW is building its global community from grass roots to global leaders who will secure   humanity’s first designed year without war among the world’s nations.



While peace is more than the absence of war, the absence of war is the first necessary step to peace. Every global problem we face from climate change and its many toxic consequences, to clean water, child mortality, illiteracy, maternal health, global pollution can all be significantly impacted with the redirecting of the approximate $2+ trillion spent annually by the world’s militaries – the reaping of a Peace Dividend for our species. Historically, many enemies of old have now moved well beyond war to resolve inevitable conflict. With globalization intensifying, the resolution of conflict among nations through war is not only archaic but irrational. War is a social disaster, similar to the now globally criminalized but once socially sanctioned practice institution of slavery. 2020 AYWW will give VOICE to a majority of humans beings who want to start the process of war abolition. 2020 AYWW is that first simple, tangible step. JOIN, RCRUIT, EDUCATE and DONATE to the Dream, with a Deadline and a Plan.