2020 AYWW’s George Bailey Moment

By Joe White

Happy New Year 2020 AYWW Community,


We hope 2015 brings you a wonderful life. 2020 AYWW now faces a George Bailey moment. In the classic, holiday film, It’s A Wonderful Life, George Bailey, played by Jimmy Stewart, dreams of world travel. However, George is unable to leave his small town of Bedford Falls, as his community needs him. Getting married, raising a family, George falls into despair when a crisis hits his modest family business. When the community hears of George’s plight, they rally in his support. With contributions from many, the community saves George and the Bailey Building and Loan. 2020 AYWW has hit a George Bailey moment and now seeks your support. What should you do? Follow the George Bailey model, DONATE NOW:



Just thirty-three months ago, 2020 AYWW launched its first website and started building its global community. Some of you have been with 2020 AYWW since the beginning. Thank you! The first volunteers, mostly college students, who created, built and managed that first site, have moved on, though many continue their support from afar. Presently, 2020 AYWW is building and managing with its third generation of volunteers. We have just launched a new 2020 AYWW website and now have a presence on over half-dozen social media sites.

From that first vision of hope to its now budding community of over 30,000 followers from over 120 nations with satellite communities developing on three continents, 2020 AYWW has clearly shown its viability. Now it is ready to hit its 2015 growth targets of at least 300,000 global followers, getting its Pact of Paris Proclamation before the U.N. General Assembly and expanding its partnerships with multiple faith-based, NGO and peace organizations. (See full details at our new 2020 AYWW website.)

To have just one year without war globally would make it possible for so many of us to have much better, if not wonderful, lives. Humanity’s collective wealth, now squandered on the violence of mutually destructive wars, is more than adequate to significantly impact many of our collective, urgent global problems. However, for 2020 AYWW to succeed in 2015, it needsa sustainable, small staff. So, 2020 AYWW is in the midst of its Indiegogo crowd funding campaign. Indiegogo allows us to reach out easily to all of you, our community. 2020 AYWW has never conducted a funding campaign and if you support our present efforts then by 2016, 2020 AYWW will be funded primarily through corporate sponsorship and grants.


Together, WE can lay a foundation for all of humanity to have a wonderful life starting with the success of a one-year global cease-fire. With donations from a lot of you, 2020 AYWW can show the world that a majority of us are finished using war as a means of conflict resolution on our fragile planet. We are here to live. We seek wonderful lives in the 21st century.