Korean Olympics


The Olympics are more than sport (USA TODAY)


The Olympics are less than month away, and familiar alarm bells have been sounded. Before London and Sochi, the coverage featured as much talk about terror as swimming and skiing. In Rio, we were told that Zika-carrying mosquitoes were set to take over every venue. But those concerns, which never materialized, pale in comparison to the dangerous prospect that a South Korean Olympics presents: a threat from North Korea, just 50 miles away from the heart of these Games, and a leader who says “a nuclear button is always on my desk." But what if South Korea actually turns out to be the best possible place for the Olympics?


The Olympics have never been merely about sporting events; they’ve also been a powerful reminder of what the world can be: citizens of the planet, coming together, to experience different cultures devoid of judgment or hatred. The athletes’ infectious enthusiasm for this temporary way of the world fuels our desire to one day, somehow, make this a reality for ourselves and future generations. (read complete USA story here)


…”to somehow, make this a reality…” That first step is 2020 A Year Without War. JOIN, RECRUIT, EDUCATE, DONATE… WE can do this!!