Imola Conference Speech

Greetings Italy, home to builders and shapers of cultures. Thank you today, Italy, for your embrace of 2020 A Year Without War, which can, which should, but I BELIEVE WILL, take us to a better future.

Grazie Mr. Lorenzo Marchetti for your tireless work on behalf of 2020 AYWW in both the United States and Italy. And grazie Prof. Shapiro for joining our Italian conference this year and for your scholarly description of our evolving New World Order.

This New World Order has also made 2020 A Year Without War not only thinkable but importantly, now BELIEVABLE.

As Prof. Shapiro has shown in The Internationalists, our grandparents were more radical than we are today. They actually tipped history.

Starting 90 years ago this year over 60 nations, the major nations of the world at that time, formally initiated the outlawing of war by signing the General Treaty for Renunciation of War (a.k.a. The Peace Pact).

History demonstrates that outlawing entrenched, even toxic social practices, can be a multi-generational struggle. The abolition of slavery, the on-going struggle for women’s and LGBT equality are only three glaring examples.

At this Imola conference you see how 2020 A Year Without brings another tangible step in further solidifying this evolving, delicate New World Order. 2020 AYWW will not immediately abolish war or untangle the military-industrial complex or solve the problem of non-state terrorism, but it is a giant step forward to securing a better future for our children and all of humanity.

2020 AYWW provides a clear, precise step for attaining our dream of making war an historic relic as our ingenuity has made the chariot a relic of transportation. 2020 AYWW is not only a dream but a dream with a deadline and a plan.

This year in commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the 1928 signing of The Peace Pact, the United Nations should pass a one-year global truce for the year 2020.

Many International Olympic fans already know that since 1998, every two years, the United Nations has passed a one-month Olympic Truce for the Olympic Games. This past November, the UN passed its one-month Olympic Truce for next month’s Winter Olympic Games in South Korea. North Korea signed this Olympic Truce.

Thus, we are actually requesting that the UN provide an eleven-month extension to their anticipated one-month Olympic Truce for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.

WE are a rich species now spending over two trillion euros a year killing each other in a graphic, horrific waste of blood and treasure. WE, as a species, now face urgent, collective, existential, global problems. NOW WE MUST ACT TOGETHER.

With a UN formal, public one-year 2020 truce, all of us must urgently work to build a global community, using all social media, to raise our collective VOICE to DEMAND that the UN members be held to their formal, public promise of a one-year global truce. WE MUST DEMAND INTEGRITY!

When we build an AYWW community of millions, if not billions, dedicated and engaged to abolishing war, WE, THE PEOPLE, SHALL PREVAIL. WE, TOO, SHALL TIP HISTORY. So please, JOIN, RECRUIT, EDUCATE. WE can make 2020 a year without war.

And thank you Italy, especially for all you’ve given to lessen the suffering of so many desperate refugees. Molte grazie, ciao.