The Significance of 2020 A Year Without War to Millennials, New Silent Generation, and Many More Generations to Come

Many people will say, “2020 A Year Without War seems an unachievable goal". Though, it might seem unachievable, this goal MUST be pursued eventually and if not now, when? If we want to actually learn from history, we already know that many great civilizations have fought and were torn apart by war and we can endup exactly the same way. One of the points of history is to learn from past mistakes and make corrections.

Consider Rome, one of the world's great civilizations. Growing from a small city-state, Rome became an empire that conquered parts of three continents. They had a successful government, engineers, commerce and farming. They even discovered concrete. But what finally happened to Rome? Constant wars with the barbarian tribes until the barbarians finally invaded Rome itself. After Rome fell came the Dark Ages. War had destroyed this great civilization and the great aqua ducts and markets didn’t work anymore. Some theories about the fall of Rome suggest that conflicting religions also caused the end of Rome. 

Looking at the world today, we see ISIS spreading around the world. ISIS seems only to know war. They hate civilizations like the United States because we have religious freedom. ISIS doesn’t believe people should have religious freedom. ISIS doesn’t even believe that a Muslim person should be able to leave their Muslim religion.

For ISIS leaving is called “apostasy” and they believe you should be executed if you do apostasy. Intolerant, violent people always cause war. You can belong to any religion; just don’t bully everybody else into your religion.

Look at it this way, the United States entered the Middle East with President Thomas Jefferson in 1800’s to fight the Barbary Pirates, then came many more times with America now mostly fighting on the side of Israel for over 70 years. Who knows how to stop all of these Middle East wars? So many people have spent their very lives trying to stopping these wars. Now it is time to say, we can at least stop war for one year to see how it feels. How about stopping war in the year 2020. That should be our goal, just one year for all the people without, 2020. If war continues, it could use nuclear bombs with all of the nuclear fallout spreading around the world.

Countries could all start to fire off their nuclear missiles, which would end life as we know it; all do to one cause, humans using war. If we tried another means to solve conflicts, we can save all human beings. Many countries today talk and find peaceful solutions but some still can’t. How many people think that the United States is going to war with Canada soon or ever?

What is the worst? The older generations: Gen X and Baby Boomers think that we can go to war to make things better. What about thinking about your kids or grand-kids? There’s a famous quote here, “If adults loved their kids more than they hate each other, war would stop” It's only fair that we pay it forward to future generations. To build great, peaceful societies by ending war. I am calling for just one year without war in 2020.

For global citizens to stop their stubborn and selfish attitudes. To open up to the idea of trying just one year without war. People like me will be able to vote in 2020 and now you know what me and my friends are going to vote for. We must learn from the past and look toward progress for our future.

Thank you. More articles will come soon.