Some Seriously Good Political News

Need some seriously good political news? 2020 A Year Without War: Phase 1 –The Test has successfully concluded! The launch of this once described “Quixotic Adventure” has now, this past fall, moved to Phase 2 - Accelerated Global Growth to Secure a United Nations Global Truce. Phase 2 has launched with much excitement. Phase 1 concluded with 2020 AYWW having tens of thousands of social media followers from over 120 countries, dozens of partners, after having built three different websites within five years. 2020 AYWW is now its own 501c3, thereby moving out from under the empowering support of the Santa Barbara City College Foundation. 2020 AYWW now has its own office in Santa Barbara in the Balboa Building. Give us a call and drop by when in town.


Phase 1 –The Test was first launched by Santa Barbara City College students.  Since its launch the cities of Santa Barbara, Carpenteria and Lompoc have passed proclamations of support as have SB County Supervisors and the city of Akron, Ohio. Now is the time to bring your city on board. Check our Proclamations page at our website for info and support. From our central coast faith-based communities the support has been overwhelming. This fall Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions Ventura has awarded 2020 AYWW with multiple awards. Also this fall our 2020 AYWW student delegation was invited to the United Nations for its International Day of Peace Celebrations in New York and was also chosen as one of three groups to present to the entire Assembly. Not only are there nascent 2020 AYWW communities in Toronto, Stockholm, Paris, Amman, Cairo, Kabul, Bali and Phnom Penh but most recently our Italian community, AYWW-ITALIA launched with its own staff, website and social media. So now Phase 2 - Accelerated Global Growth to Secure a United Nations Global Truce.


Phase 2 – Accelerated Global Growth to Secure a United Nations Global Truce for one-year, 2020. Our present Mission is focused upon securing among all member nations a one-year global cease-fire in 2020. We have also discovered that the United Nations General Assembly passes, every two years, since 1998, a one-month global Olympic Truce for the International Olympic Games. That discovery bumped up our optimism by making 2020 AYWW’s one-year UN Global Truce an eleven-month extension to the anticipated U.N. Olympic Truce for the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo. So WE are so much closer to our tipping history with a formal, public UN Global Truce among all member nations. WE are becoming a springboard for humanity’s first, small, historically significant step on the road to the Abolition of War?


2020 AYWW has had many students serving as interns and volunteers but now 2020 AYWW needs an all-ages Team. Our new CEO, Brooks Reynolds, is a retired Executive VP from the world of finance, who has settled in Santa Barbara. Eli Miller has come on board to manage social media and the NEW 2020 AYWW on-line website store. Check out our store with much more info coming. Catherine Miller is helping with fundraising, social media, marketing and endorsements. For all student programs, clubs contact Lorenzo Marchetti, who is also president of AYWW – Italia. There is much optimism in knowing that anyone reading this blog, who is a visionary, understands our modern world’s irrational recourse to resolving inevitable national conflicts with war, can easily come on board as a 2020 AYWW Agent of Change.


With $2 + trillion spent annually by the world’s militaries, we are a rich species. Agents of Change must start the discussion on how to curtail our collective self-destructive behaviors in war while we simultaneously also destroy our environment. Stopping war and saving the environment are not unrelated. 2020 AYWW is a vivid dream, with a precise deadline and a clear plan but we need YOU NOW! Please join us in this grand, global experiment to tip history, at whatever level of involvement you would like. JOINRECRUITEDUCATE. Contact us at 805-845-2534 or or or . We, at 2020 AYWW, ask, if not now, when? If not you,…? Feel the optimism?