2020 AYWW celebrates Earth Day!

By Joe White

2020 AYWW celebrates Earth Day! 2020 AYWW has started in Santa Barbara, as did Earth Day, with the aspiration of also making a global contribution to the enhancement of humanity. While Earth Day is designed as an on going holiday, 2020 AYWW is counting down its final five years till 2020. As you celebrate Earth Day, please spread the word that 2020 AYWW is here to also emphasize the need for respect, specifically that humans respect each other. Let us celebrate the bio and cultural diversity that is humanity as we celebrate the richness of bio diversity that is our planet Earth. War is the pollution of our human community.

By creating a global cease-fire for just one year in 2020, WE hope to re-direct our collective resources, especially military equipment and personnel, typically wasted in war time, to clean up our planet and work toward a more sustainable future. Together, WE, could make 2020 a year without war, focused upon a 365 day earth year celebration!!! JOIN,LIKE SHARE 2020 A Year Without War!!!!