Who Shall Prevail: ISIS or 2020 AYWW?

By Joe White

It is YOUR CHOICE. Since 2011, ISIS and 2020 AYWW have been in a race, which remains closely tied. It is a race for humanity’s future. If you are skeptical that 2020 could actually be a year without war, ISIS warriors are not skeptical that the entire human population will one day follow the ISIS religious nightmare or they will die opposing the ISIS dystopia. While ISIS recruits must travel secretly to live under harsh conditions then accept the possibility of dying as a suicide bomber, 2020 AYWW recruits need only take one minute at their convenience to JOIN, LIKE, SHARE 2020 AYWW social media. YOU can also work more extensively with 2020 AYWW but that follows after simply JOINING, LIKING and SHARING.  As Edmund Burke observed, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good (people) to do nothing.” That’s where WE are today. That’s where YOU are right now.

n 2011, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi created Al-Qaeda in Iraq, which devolved into ISIS. In 2011, Prof. Joseph White initiated 2020 A Year Without War with some college students at Santa Barbara City College. There are an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 ISIS fighters primarily holding out in their self-declared Caliphate, which stretches across the two countries of Syria and Iraq. ISIS has an unknown number of covert cells primarily in the Middle East, Europe, North America and Africa. 2020 AYWW has approximately 30,000 to 40,000 followers from over 120 countries with overt cells in Europe, Africa, North and South America, the Middle East and Asia. This historical race between 2020 AYWW and ISIS is intensifying. Now YOU must choose how you would like to see history unfold and your level of participation.

Now is our time and opportunity to make it glaringly obvious that the world’s population does not choose ISIS or any variation of the ISIS dystopia. Now is the time to choose and create a one year global truce; the essential first step in the abolition of war as a means of conflict resolution. YOU know the long list of global, dire problems facing all of humanity. Our planet is sick. We live in an age of extinction. Our species grows more vulnerable. WE must simply stop abetting the destruction of our species through acts of war. War, like the killing of witches and ISIS, is archaic. Do you have 60 seconds to battle ISIS, to support 2020 AYWW to tip history, to save our species? Can you make a donation to support the continued building of our 2020 AYWW global community? You choose what it is worth for you, your family, humanity to shout down and isolate ISIS and their archaic ways. We know that the only thing necessary for the triumph of ISIS is for good people to not support 2020 AYWW. That’s where WE are today. That’s where YOU are right now. JOIN, LIKE, RECRUIT, DONATE to 2020AYWW.org