Hope & Homo Naledi – The Star Hominin

By AYWW Staff

In fall of 2013, our thinking about what it is to be human was startled. In the spring of 2014, our thinking about what it is to be human was rattled. Now, in the fall of 2015, our world has been informed of these recent, stunning discoveries about what it is to be human. Dawn of Humanity  aired in the fall of 2015 and it very well may change your thinking profoundly. Your thinking about 2020 A Year Without War. Your thinking about human beings being war-like by nature. Your thinking about human history going back millions of years. Your thinking about the viability and ideology of ISIS and other narrow, intolerant, ideologically driven Homo Sapiens groups. Dawn of Humanity brought a profound, knot-in-your-throat, smiling optimism to me. Thank you Professor Lee Berger, for your long dedication, persistent work, and especially for your sanguine presence throughout this stunning, so recent adventure.


On September 13, 2013, at the instigation of Prof. Berger, Steven Tucker and Rick Hunter entered Rising Star cave in South Africa. Neither Steven nor Rick are trained scientists but they are the sort of curious, intrepid human beings that garners respect from even the most jaded of Homo Sapiens. What these two young men so respectfully accomplished while wearing their go-pro cameras deep underground in claustrophobic tunnels has changed our collective understanding. By spring 2014, a team of trained scientist Homo Sapiens followed Steven and Rick’s tunnel of discovery. Here, (http://video.pbs.org/video/2365559270/ ) in this Nova Production of, Dawn of Humanity, you will discover that our species’ reputation as a Killer Ape now appears undeserved.  (If you cannot watch the entire Dawn of Humanity, but are curious about the Killer Ape issue, go to the 40:00 minute mark.)


In Dawn of Humanity, you will discover how a diverse group of science-minded Homo Sapiens came together in 2014, without regard for the diversity within our species that still divides so many of us along superficial lines of prejudice regarding race, gender, religion and the like. Excitedly, openly, courageously and respectfully, these diverse explorers pushed back the frontiers of our collective ignorance as to where, we, Homo Sapiens, apparently came from. The efforts and attitudes of Prof. Berger and his diverse team of explorers not only teaches that even 2020 as a year without war is possible but here are the very sorts of Homo Sapiens that will make a year without war actual. Here is the hope of our future. ISIS and their cousins are our past. Like Australopithecus, extinction appears inevitable for ISIS et al unless they can accept the brutish fact of our present, expanding, social, political pluralism.  Decapitate, hate and isolate as ISIS et al are doing to stamp out variety and diversity but seven billion Homo Sapiens will never be squeezed into any of their small, ideological boxes. Diversity and its dynamic complexity is the history of humanity and its survival.


JOIN, RECRUIT, EDUCATE – 2020 A Year Without War.