Wanna Play Peace?

By Nick S. W.

Wanna Play Peace?


Feel good? Then fight!

Feel bad? Fight!

Feel depressed, like life is passing you by

as you struggle through your drugs and self congratulating

pie-eyed and mournful of all that love everyone else is made of?

Then fucking fight! You neophyte, take aim and get up,

dive in and erupt.


Help us

Help us

The marathon is on and the people need support

so fight with us now to take a break from this cult of violence.


Envious of your neighbor’s new Prius and dislike the ungrateful socially polarizing attitude of pro-sports athletes? Who cares?!


Breathe in and join us to build a network of globally informed activists raising a fist against raising a gun against the human being next to us

we need you closer than ever more than ever

rise up and join the ranks of those defying the standards of giving up

the statistics are against us

but we push past the negative scientists

the bullets couldn’t careless but the fingers on the trigger must hear this


we will not stop, there is no ending to this, we will persist, you will not rest,

we will not rest until the killing fields are plowed under,

the tanks become artifacts and the bunkers gardens.

Backs are already breaking and good people are working hard.


It’s an incredible thing 2020 A Year Without War.

Simple, intriguing, socially provocative and defiantly complex

in its complete reliance on the foundation that is modern humanity

to harness an aspect of living that turns its collective back against

the organizational finality of extremely well-financed violence

called war

where the end is as simple as the beginning

people still suffering

votes still getting counted slowly.

And it’s not like any of us want war in its futility to define us

for another generation of humanity

so we say no more to that for one year

and you should agree immediately.


Feel good? lend your support

Feel bad? sign up to help

Feel indifferent?…Well then get in shape and help the cause or ship out

but we’ll keep trying to help you.


And maybe you’ll find that trying to help the crowded strangers

of this World was how you ended up finding the most value

in the reflection of how you’re truly living.


Either way 2020 A Year Without War will keep marching

and when you hear our boots clicking and voices carrying into the fray

you will be moved, so join now in this pursuit.


The entire planet’s population needs you.


If you’re not actively fighting against war and violence you’re not living deeply enough.


Let’s put our resources into elevating humanity not burying it.

Go now, Join now 2020 A Year Without War.org


Nick S-W.