Inviting You To Tip History with 2020 A Year Without War.

By Joe White

Inviting You To Tip History with 2020 A Year Without War.

If you choose, we can tip history for at least one year away from war. 2020 A Year Without War – – is growing globally. By the year 2020, AYWW plans to have at least 800 million dedicated and engaged members including individuals, all peace organizations, national governments, the world’s major religions, relevant NGOs and corporations.

2020 A Year Without War is non-partisan, non-religious, not anti-military, nor pacifist nor a peace movement. 2020 AYWW’s Mission is solely focused upon obtaining a one-year cease-fire in the year 2020. A cease-fire is the first step toward creating the complex social condition of peace. Hence, 2020 AYWW is not a peace movement. We leave the complex goal of peace to our many partners. 2020 AYWW is not anti-military as that is a view, again, not essential to our Mission. However, given that the militaries of the world are typically the first to arrive when disasters hit and have the expertise to do the heavy lifting, 2020 AYWW supports the relief functions a military can serve and believes that many of the pending, potential disasters related to continued global warming make the military’s disaster relief role a prudent investment.

For the first time in history, we have the technology to build a dedicated and engaged global, social movement to stop war for at least one year. Why just one year? There are presently thousands of anti-war and peace organizations on earth without a deadline. 2020 AYWW believes now is the time to take one, definite, finite step in the attempt to abolish war. If you are a part of or know of a peace organization that would like to support 2020 AYWW and bring their energy to focus upon 2020 being year without war, please bring us together.

Why the year 2020? The year 2020 allows enough time to build a global movement involving at least 10% of the world’s population, a possible social tipping point. Most social change occurs within populations through the dedication and engagement of a minority of the population. However, we believe that it is actually a majority of human beings who favor abolishing war as a means of resolving inevitable social conflict. Witnessing the wars in the world today, it is obvious that the civilian casualties and refugees far outnumber the combatants and typically, civilians simply want the combat, the war, to end. We now know from our history, as a literate species, that intelligent, good-willed people do sometimes deeply disagree over profound issues. Disagreements, conflicts are inevitable but war is not inevitable. War is always chosen and most typically by groups, and typically males make up those groups. 2020 AYWW believes we can finally give voice to the billions of people on earth who would simply like to end this incredibly wasteful social dysfunction in terms of both blood and money. Let’s at least try to listen to what the anti-war, global voice might sound like.

Presently and ironically, the overwhelming majority of people who hear about 2020 AYWW say it is an idea they fully embrace but they doubt that a year without war could ever happen. That doubt can then stop their involvement in fully embracing the idea they fully embrace. Since war is always chosen, as it is not a natural disaster, war can also not be chosen. Choosing to support 2020 A Year Without War is as simple as JOINING any of the AYWW social media sites or the AYWW website. After JOINING you choose your level of participation from passive observer curious as to how this social experiment might unfold to the infrequent volunteer who shares postings on your social media sites to the ambitious who wish to build satellite communities to those seeking possible future employment with AYWW and traveling the world.

When you choose to be a part of 2020 AYWW, you become the next step toward the social tipping point of stopping war for at least one year. What if 2020 arrives and AYWW has only 80 million members and not 800 million and there are still wars? 2020 AYWW will still be the largest, single-issue, social movement on earth. With its growth continuing, AYWW will be more popular than any celebrity on earth. 2020 AYWW is a grand, social science, global experiment whose future cannot be predicted presently given its complex structure of members, programs, sponsors and partners that will continue growing and developing by 2020. So, who could be so cynical as to not even choose a year without war?

Abolishing war, as happened with humanity abolishing the once socially sanctioned, pervasive historical practice of slavery, will take time. War abolition must start at some point and AYWW has started the march to obtain a single year. Since 1990, the International Olympic Committee has secured unanimous United Nations’ support for a global cease-fire during the weeks of the Winter and Summer Olympic Games. In 2001 the United Nations declared September 21 as the International Day of Peace. Social Science research indicates that not only is war a practice coming late in human evolution, perhaps the last 8,000 years of 200,000 years of Homo Sapiens’ evolution, but war appears to be tied to Homo Sapiens becoming settled in cities. Significantly, as additional Social Science research suggests, the likelihood of anyone dying violently over the course of our civilized history has been decreasing. 2020 AYWW is thus the first, specific step to be taken in the abolition of war in the 21st century as the abolition of slavery hit a crescendo in the 19th century.

Already, after two years, 2020 AYWW has thousands of members with visitors from over 120 countries. Presently cities and churches are passing endorsement Proclamations. World Religious leaders are being invited starting with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Pope Francis 1. Educational travel programs are being developed to study war and create satellite communities with the first trip scheduled for the summer of 2015 going to Vietnam and Cambodia. 2020 A Year Without War needs you and you need 2020 AYWW.  AYWW now has over two-dozen Partners including two national veterans organizations. A year without war can happen only if we choose that it happen. JOIN, RECRUIT, EDUCATE and in 2020 we will all CELEBRATE.

Professor Joseph White, Chair
Dept. of Philosophy – Santa Barbara City College
Executive Director – 2020 A Year Without War.
2020 A Year Without War (AYWW)
721 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, California
contact@ayww.org805-965-0581 #2476