Memorial Day Weekend

By Joe White

It is Memorial Day weekend. On Memorial Day, Monday, May 26 at 3:00, according to a Presidential Directive, everyone should take one minute to remember in silence those Americans who have died in our Nation’s wars. The count of American veterans killed in our wars is now over one million. 2020 AYWW additionally encourages everyone globally to take five minutes to remember in silence the hundreds of millions of people who have perished in war or as a result of war. War is OUR global tragedy. War is not a natural disaster but a social disaster. War is always a matter of choice by adults.


Memorial Day observances should be humanity’s exclusive relationship to war. War should only be remembered. War should no longer be present nor an expectation in the future. Once culture and social choice allowed millions of human beings to be captured, transported, sold and owned as slaves. Slavery has now been outlawed by every nation. While there are an estimated 21 million slaves in the world today, slavery is globally recognized as criminal behavior.


It is now time to make war criminal. It is time to stop creating daily more memories of people perishing in the meat grinder of war. It is time that the socially sanctioned horror of resolving inevitable human conflict through war go the historical way of once socially sanctioned slavery. It is time to take the first step to ending the now recognized irrationality that modern war has become. It is time to AT LEAST to make 2020 a year without war. It is time to tip history so that Memorial Day is that day in which humanity looks back and with a most heavy heart remembers that narrowness of mind that trapped humanity in its own self-created hell that is war. Today, nearly every war is fought to secure a peace. Why can’t we simply skip that first step of war?


Throughout this Memorial Day weekend 2020 AYWW will be remembering both with the United States on its national holiday but also with humanity globally. Please join us and share your Memorial Day reflections. Send to