By Lucy Diamond

REally!? As in, you believe epilepsy is demon possession? REally!? You believe it is sound social-economic policy to invest $2.85 billion in building four submarines when you have no enemies on land or sea or air for which you need one submarine? $2.85 billion on diesel-electric submarines in the nuclear age of the Sea Wolf and Graney class submarines? REally!? And what if your electric-diesel submarines for $2.85 billion also have a design flaw making them 70 tons overweight so they can’t surface? And you’ve already lost approximately $680 million invested in developing your overweight, out of date, who-do-you-hate submarines? And why not add insult to absurdity as it seems the design flaw, the misplaced decimal point, can be corrected by lengthening the submarines and at only anadditional cost of approximately$7.25 million. So I ask, what sort of social-economic policy is this when a country is in an economic depression with 27% unemployment, 57% unemployment among those 25 years old and younger and NOT at war or on the foreseeable brink of war but actually at peace for over a half century? REally!? Billion dollar diesel-electric submarines that won’t surface and your moving forward to fix them?

Welcome to Spain. As of spring 2013, the Spanish economy has consistently shrunk for nearly two straight years and struggled deeply since the global economic crisis started in 2008 with continually growing high unemployment. Yet, while the government pushes austerity programs while raising taxes, the Spanish military pushes forward with a weapons system apparently technologically outdated to protect against a non-existent enemy. REally!? Isn’t there enough research now to indicate that a neutral, if not negative, economic multiplier effect results from government defense spending compared to non-defense spending? Wouldn’t that multiplier effect alone, so unproductively invested, give one profound pause or is Spain’s non-floating submarine program simply the latest poster child for a military-industrial complex sinking yet another struggling economy? Let us not forget that the U.S. Defense Budget is larger than the next ten countries defense budgets combined and most of those ten countries are allies and none is a comparable superpower threat. Our shared global military/industrial dysfunction. Since 9/11, the U.S., Spain and other European countries have faced the threat of terrorism but it is not clear how a fleet of submarines defends against such terrorists’ threats.

I, Lucy Diamond, as a blogger for AYWW, request that those dealing with the surrealistic sinking Spanish submarine program abandon your submarines, develop the secure alliances you feel you need with countries like the U.S. whose Los Angeles class or Virginia class submarines could eat your wished for $2.85 billion S-80’s for breakfast and instead invest in your future, especially that of the 57% of your youth who are presently unemployed. Also, please consider donating .000001% of your submarine budget to establishing a viable Spanish headquarters for 2020 A Year Without War. AYWW could provide you with a tax break and employ hundreds of Spanish millennials to secure a more permanent Peace Dividend for Spain, Europe and the rest of our global community. REALLY!!