Let’s Help Desmond Tutu Stop the Next Genocide in Africa!

By Dan Gold

When something as heinous as genocide is carried out, it is often difficult or impossible to bring the perpetrators to justice. That’s where the International Criminal Court (ICC) comes in. The ICC is an international tribunal set up to prosecute individuals for crimes such as genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. The ICC has the potential to dissuade future genocides in Africa as well as to prosecute those who start them. Unfortunately, some African leaders are now seeking to take Africa out of the ICC’s jurisdiction.

Please join with AYWW in supporting this petition to keep the ICC in Africa! The petition was created by Nobel Peace Prize winner, and African civil rights champion Desmond Tutu. Mr. Tutu, formerly on the board of directors of the ICC’s Trust Fund for Victims, is seeking 1 million signatures for his petition, which he will present at the upcoming meeting of African leaders.

Click here to sign the petition!