Why I Joined 2020 A Year Without War

By Dan Gold

Boy do I feel lucky not to be living in Syria right now! Say what you want about my country, but during final exams last semester not once did I worry about, or even contemplate, the idea that, at any moment, I could be plunged into mortal peril, or even killed. I wish that the students living in Syria right now could claim the same thing, but that's certainly not true.

Just last week 83 students were killed in a massive explosion at the University of Aleppo. No matter how hard those students studied, nothing could have prepared them for pulling the dead bodies of 83 classmates out of the rubble not to mention trying to save at least 150 of the wounded. All of this amidst a backdrop of a bloody civil war that has already claimed the lives of many more innocents.

I feel incredibly lucky to have been born in a country where I will rarely, if ever, fear for my life. In my country even one such attack would be the news of the century, while in Syria it's really nothing out of the ordinary at this point.

Just because these attacks are now commonplace, however, does not make them okay and the fact that the people dying are thousands of miles away from me doesn't make it any less horrific. That's just one of the reasons why I decided to join A Year Without War. I don't think anyone anywhere in the world should have to suffer as the innocents in Syria are now suffering.

If AYWW could stop that, for one year (or even for just one hour) it would justify, to me, all the work that I've put in. We can't do it alone though, so please like, follow, join the movement, and shout from the rooftops! Let’s make the year 2020 the first ever year without war!