2020 AYWW Welcomes Our Newest Partner: Everyday Gandhis

By Dan Gold

Today's guest blog post comes from our newest partner Everyday Gandhis

Everyday Gandhis is a non-profit organization registered in Liberia and the United States. We seek to educate and inspire the public, supporting peace through sharing stories and experiences that illustrate fresh thinking, respect for traditional culture, restoration of nature, innovative media, and the importance of community storytelling.

Part of what we do includes: holding councils in the US and West Africa to share stories, dreams, divinations, projects and challenges; creating documentary films, still photographs, written media, web media, and cultural performances; offering training institutes in West Africa in peace building, reconciliation, traditional healing, video and still photography; participating in workshops, presentations, and community events in the US and West Africa; a scholarship fund for former child soldiers and war-affected youth; and working with our Future Guardians of Peace program to develop community outreach projects that bring people together through soccer, workshops, and permaculture demonstrations.

We look forward to collaborating with A Year Without War to begin the conversation of how we can all be peacebuilders in our own communities. Become a part of the dream for peace! To learn more about our unique organization, upcoming events, and how to get involved, please visit: www.everydaygandhis.org. To learn more about our newest documentary about our Future Guardians of Peace program, please visit: www.thefighttoforgive.com.