Are you ready to build our 2020 AYWW global community?

By Joe White

Greetings fellow pioneers! Our adventure to 2020 continues. Thank you AYWW Design & Programming Department for your continued, generous web development.  Check it out!

Welcome to my first “Q”, blog. Given the urgency of AYWW, we assume all of you have Q’s and some creative “A’s”. WE need them all! Now WE must begin the building. Let’s make AYWW family-wide, statewide, nationwide, continent-wide, hemisphere-wide and global. Full functionality is in our future.

First “Q’s”, what do we need to do to ensure that 2020 is a year without war?  Why have you chosen to be an AYWW pioneer? Are we at AYWW naive? Who does AYWW need to partner with? How do we give voice to the victims, heroes, and villains of war?

The size of our membership is at the heart of AYWW’s gravitas. We should each dedicate twenty minutes a week sending in a relevant article, photo or video. You may also write blog posts and submit them to us. Another option is to directly recruit at least three new members a week and/or introduce AYWW to new organizations that you already support such as church or civic organization (e.g. Rotary, Lions, Elks, etc). Remember, we are shooting for global membership in the hundreds of millions to tip history away from war for at least one year.

Send in ideas your ideas, writings, research etc. to – . More web features are coming including those suggested by you. Thanks to every one of you for your many means of support. As we know, licensing, programming, designing, promotional materials and daily administrative outreach for our global presence is not free though our volunteers remain essential to the viability of AYWW. Next blog: “Are some Homo sapiens cosmic hypocrites?” Remember the Voyager 1 spacecraft is presently leaving our solar system. Think Heliopause!

Cheers, Professor joe white, Executive Director AYWW

Remember, send all of your suggestions, postings, musings, requests