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Thank you for joining 2020 A Year Without War. By joining, you add to our growing global voice to demand that the United Nations General Assembly sign a Resolution binding all member nations to a one-year global truce  in 2020. Our 2020 AYWW United Nations Truce may not end war, but it is a major first historical step for the nations of our world to publicly, formally commit themselves to renouncing war for at least one year.

As you get to know 2020 AYWW, you will discover that there are many programs unfolding and many opportunities for you to get involved. When you choose to be a part of humanity’s first attempt to build a dedicated and engaged global community to secure a one-year global truce, you have chosen to tip history away from war. You have chosen the future and now simply need to choose your level of involvement.

In joining, we ask that you familiarize yourself with our website, follow our social media then, when you are ready, reach out to your social network and recruit. The 2020 AYWW goal is 10% of the world’s population dedicated and engaged in our 2020 AYWW community. Your initial goal of recruiting at least 10% of your social network may well include: family, friends, neighbors, school-work mates, religious community, other peace groups, city council, county boards, state, celebrities, national figures etc. In your recruitment process, you will learn much. You will discover people who will argue with you on every point you raise. That is okay, just remember, such naysayers may be part of the 90% you do not actually need to recruit. As with any complex social change, it is expected that reasonable people will disagree, especially over such grand, visionary, social adventures as 2020 AYWW. Again, thank you for joining. Let us know how we can be support you and together we will celebrate 2020 as a year without war.



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