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NOTE: Please take the liberty to write to other change agents and cc us at When you do write, check to see if there is a limit to characters in your note. For example here, one version of our letter has approximately 1,000+ characters whereas another has the required less than 200 characters.

LETTER EXAMPLE - 1,000+ characters

Dear AAAA,

As a citizen of [your location] and member of the 2020 A Year Without War global, movement, I request that you actively support the securing of a United Nations General Assembly Resolution declaring a one-year global truce among all member nations for the year 2020. Our understanding is that the U.N. General Assembly presently recognizes a one-month global truce, The Olympic Truce, every two years for the International Olympic Games. Since the 2020 Summer Olympics will take place in Tokyo, we are requesting that the anticipated 2020 Olympic Truce be extended eleven months to cover the entire year.


LETTER EXAMPLE - Less than 200 characters

I request your support to bring before the U. N. General Assembly a Resolution for a one-year global truce among U.N. nations in the year 2020.

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