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I must say, what a wonderful effort you have put forth towards peace throughout the world! However, I am concerned that this may suppress the imperial plans of our great country. What say you on that matter, Joseph?

Kyle, Washington, DC.

Thanks for your note Kyle. Fortunately 2020 AYWW doesn’t have concern itself with imperialism or even world piece. WE are quite simple in our social experiment. A one-year formal public truce from the UN for 2020. Let’s see what happens if millions of people are willing to demand integrity!! Cheers  


Thanks 2020 AYWW for your Olympic Games posts. Now I’m becoming an Olympics fan but why do the Russian athletes use the Olympic flag and not their own Russian flag?

Bridgette, Pomona, CA

A. Dear Bridgette,

Good question and you’re not the first to ask about Russian athletes at the Olympics. In the world of sport there are two adages that define two quite different types of competitors:

A. It’s not if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.


B. Winning is not everything; it’s the only thing.

The International Olympic Committee –IOC - has been committed to A. It’s not if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game, while, during the 2012 Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia, the Russian Government dedicated itself to B. Winning is not everything, it’s the only thing. The IOC concluded that the Russian Government ran an elaborate cheating scheme including the construction of secret rooms in supposedly secure buildings for secretly replacing doped urine samples with clean. The IOC stripped Russia of 13 medals won at Sochi and fined Russia $15 million. Additionally, the nation was banned from the 2018 Olympic Games.


However, not all Russian Olympic athletes were dopers. Those, the IOC found to be clean, are allowed to compete. At these 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, 169 Russians are competing as “Olympic athletes from Russia” under the neutral Olympic flag. Given “where the buck stops” in dictatorships, it does not seem surprising that Vladimir Putin isn’t concerned with how Olympic Games, or any game for that matter, is played. It is only about winning, being a winner. You might even get tired of winning, if your best friend is a dictator who likes you.


A most important lesson since some people in power, particularly narcissistic opportunists, will take whatever means are necessary to achieve their sought after end. For such narcissistic opportunists, the end always justifies the means. On the other hand, some who cheat their way to a “gold medal,” discover they are not be able to feel genuine pride in their “stolen accomplishment” and they remain too cowardly to admit their cheating. However, for the Putins in the world, they simply smile with disdain at the “losers,” since they are the “winners.” Now what does seem surprising, given all of this previous Russian Olympic cheating, is why President Trump continues to decline enforcing sanctions against Russia for extensive meddling, that is cheating, in our 2016 U.S. elections. The Russian sanctions bill was passed last year by 419 to 3 in the House of Representatives and 98 to 2 in the Senate yet the President continues to NOT implement the overwhelmingly bipartisan Russian sanctions. So, A or B?


The Book of Revelation teaches that the Anti-Christ will first appear bringing world peace and world government. Might you be ignorant of the manipulations of the powerful Anti-Christ?

Amy, Davenport, Iowa

2020 AYWW is not a peace movement and we hold no views regarding global government. 2020 AYWW is quite simple in its goal. Just have the present UN member nations sign a Resolution for a one-year global cease-fire then work together to make 2020 a year without war. Just that one-year from the member nations. From what I understand about the Anti-Christ, he is much more ambitious in his goals and does not have a specific deadline or expiration date as does 2020 AYWW.


About how much money stands to be saved in a year without war? And is there a specific plan on what to use those funds for?

                                                                                   Mathew, New York, NY

The money saved from a year without war is popularly known as the Peace Dividend. A first year without war in2020 is an extremely complex calculation. However, there are estimates that the annual global military budget at this time is over $2 trillion a year. Much of this wealth is entangled in the Military/Industrial Complex, which is beyond the present, primary Mission of 2020 AYWW. But as you can see, WE are a rich species though we presently spend substantial wealth killing each other while our planet is not healthy and basic need go unmet globally. If you live in California you might want to add to our discussion in California: College Student Debt vs Stealth Bombers.



How will no war in the year 2020 affect the world?

                                                                                          Kara, Buffalo, NY

Thank you for your note. Two of our proposed programs are: Earth Clean-up Year: let's have the world’s navies coordinate cleaning-up of the massive trash gyres in our oceans along with world's armies cleaning-up on land the unexploded ordinance left from past wars, which is still killing thousands of people every year. Second, a global discussion following the 12 step addiction program on how humans get off their addiction to war. Please send us your suggestions.


Dear Joe, I sure hope there is no war in 2020. My uncle was killed in Vietnam and my cousin was shot in Iraq. Many of my family have been in the military. Do you really believe we can stop all wars in 2020?

                                                                                   Jenny, Atlanta, Georgia

First, 2020 A Year Without War is an ideal goal, a first step for all of humanity to start thinking about war abolition. Let’s start to raise a global voice and with our global social media at 2020 AYWW make that voice heard. We hope that 2020 will be a year without war but the reality is that a year without any wars is unlikely. Second, what is not only possible but likely is getting the United Nations General Assembly members to sign a one-year global cease-fire Resolution for 2020. The General Assembly, with over 190 member nations, already signs a one-month global cease-fire Resolution every two years for the International Olympic Games. The Summer Olympics in 2020 will be in Japan. So, 2020 AYWW is actually seeking an eleven-month extension on what the world now expects from the General Assembly’s one-month Olympic cease-fire Resolution for 2020. To be clear, 2020 AYWW is attempting to secure a UN Resolution amongst the nations of the world. That Resolution will not involve civil wars or non-state players such as ISIS. Let’s JOIN together now and raise our collective voice to move the nations of world to formally agree to a one-year global cease-fire.



How can you have a year without war, if war is just a part of human nature? How about a year without earthquakes?

Peter, Santa Barbara, CA.

Obviously we are ill-equipped to have a year without earthquakes but we do now have years on Earth without smallpox, and smallpox was a natural occurrence. We are close to having a year without polio. But don’t forget war is always chosen, as slavery and dueling were chosen human practices. Hence, war need not be chosen. What do you choose?



I’ve been following the 2020 AYWW program for over three years. It’s amazing what you have accomplished. I don’t know if you will succeed but the 2020 AYWW crew has persisted and amazingly continues to push on. Thank you. I’m donating $1,000.00 to the cause! Please keep pushing.

Somewhat Skeptical Jim, Lompoc, CA.

Thank you for your moral support and financial support. The grand global, social experiment that is 2020 AYWW has not been easy. No involved has ever attempted to tip history globally so we are constantly learning. Those of us who’ve supported and built have kept hope alive. You are an essential part of that through your generosity along with so many others. Together, WE will tip history in 2020.


Do you believe that God wants 2020 to be a year without war?

John and Donna, Paducah, Kentucky

In Matthew 5:9 Jesus says, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God.” What an honor to be called the children of God. Thank you for your support.



What will the year 2020 look like, if 2020 AYWW actually succeeds?

Sarah, Seattle, Washington

We have lots of programs planned and would like to hear your ideas. One of our big plans is to have an Earth Clean-up Year. With the world’s navies standing down, perhaps we could start on the multiple, huge ocean trash patches getting cleaned up. Perhaps we could clean up those countries still dealing with unexploded mines and bombs from our previous wars. Perhaps we could drill a lot more clean water wells, build needed infrastructure, schools. Please share your ideas with us.



Do you really think that groups like ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda will stop fighting for an entire year?

Nick, Los Angeles, CA

I doubt it but they are not our primary target. 2020 AYWW’s primary goal is to get the member nations of the United Nations to sign a one year global truce. The prospect of war amongst the UN nations continues to decline and they are already resolving conflicts non-violently. So, our UN Resolution is asking to make explicit what is historically unfolding implicitly. Additionally, the UN General Assembly has passed since 1998 a one-month global cease-fire Resolution every two years for the International Olympic Games.



I think 2020 AYWW has been around for at least four years. Why don’t you have millions of followers?

Len, Santa Barbara, CA.

We wish we had millions of followers presently and we are optimistic we will get there, especially with your support. One problem we face is that 2020 AYWW is too often taken quite literally. People are then tripped up by skepticism, cynicism or pessimism. First, 2020 AYWW is an historical, ideal goal. If you simply like the idea of a year without war then JOIN, LIKE, RECRUIT. Second, 2020 AYWW is presently about as old and big as ISIS, yet ISIS supporters undergo harrowing travel, go into battle or become suicide bombers. 2020 AYWW is just a click away on your social media and we have no plans for suicide bombers or kidnappings. If would want the 2020 AYWW experiment to succeed, just JOIN, FOLLOW our social media. Please share your growth strategies with us.



Why do you think 2020 AYWW can succeed when so many peace movements have failed?

Jared, New York, NY

2020 AYWW is not a peace movement. As President Obama remarked at the UN, “Peace is not simply the absence of war.” We agree but the absence of war is the first crucial step toward peace. So let’s take a first, simple step, let’s see if we can secure one year without war 2020. We, the people, now have a deadline and an expiration date. If 2020 AYWW can hit its goal of at least 800 million dedicated, engaged followers, history just might tip.


Why would I support 2020 AYWW if it will cost me my job building fighters planes at Northrup Grunnman?

Barbara, Los Angeles, CA

2020 AYWW is simply seeking a UN General Assembly Resolution for a global one-year cease-fire in 2020. Your question involves the very complex military/industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned our country about in the middle of the last century. That military-industrial complex issue is beyond 2020 AYWW. If 2020 AYWW succeeds then talk of a peace dividend resulting from a shrinking of the military-industrial complex might begin. However, 2020 AYWW is not anti-military and very much appreciates the highly effective role the military plays in mass, natural disasters.


2020 a year without war sponsored by the United States? Ironic! Seems the US is always finding itself at war. Good luck!

Jack, Toronto, Canada

To my knowledge the US only attempted to invade Canada twice. War has certainly been a constant part of my life as a US citizen. I spent most of my life during the 24/7/365 decades din of the Cold War then the screams of the hotVietnam, Desert Storm, Balkans War, Afghanistan, Operation Iraqi Freedom wars and now the constant din of the War on Terrorism. 2020 AYWW is not sponsored by the US. It just happened to start here. Help us line up countries to get our first Resolution for a one-year UN General Assembly Resolution for a cease-fire among member nations in 2020. Write to your Prime Minister, your UN Ambassador. 2020 AYWW social media is becoming the voice of the world. JOIN, LIKE, RECRUIT.


I love this 2020 A Year Without War idea!!! What can I do to get involved with 2020 AYWW?

Tim, Ashland, Oregon

Thanks for that question and for getting involved. First, go to our website http://ayearwithoutwar.org/take-action/ where you will find a list of actions to take. Second, if you have further questions contact sofia@ayww.org WE will get you as involved as you want to be. 2020 AYWW is growing, 2020 AYWW is global, 2020 AYWW NEEDS YOU!


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