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Who We Are

We are people from around the world.

We know that conflict among human beings is inevitable.

However, we know that war is an outdated and extremely violent means of conflict resolution, costing countless lives and resources.

We are non-partisan and non-religious. We are neither anti-military, pacifist, nor a peace movement. We are a dedicated and engaged community of anti-war activists with a simple, clear mission: to stop war in 2020.

Living in peace is not simply the absence of war. However, the absence of war is the first essential step to living in peace. 2020 A Year Without War is humanity's first step to abolishing war.


 Speak to Power

Our Mission

Our social experiment is to use technology never before available to build and give voice to a growing global community to just say "No!" to war for one year, 2020.

The goal of our community is to secure a United Nations Resolution for a one-year global ceasefire in 2020 among all UN member nations.

For nearly 20 years, the UN General Assembly has signed a one-month global ceasefire for each of the Olympic Games. We anticipate such a ceasefire for the 2020 Summer Olympic games in Tokyo. We want that ceasefire extended to cover the entire year.

2020 AYWW is not concerned with civil wars or non-state actor wars. We have a simple mission, a clear dream, a precise deadline and a detailed plan.

Break the Cycle